May 10, 2012

The Perfect Monday

   One of the perks of working from home (and working fairly minimally I might add) is that my schedule is pretty open.  That means that taking off for the day during the week is a possibility for me.  This past Monday I did just that.  I headed north to visit my sister and my adorable nephew.  My dad also drove down for the afternoon to take his lucky daughters out to lunch.  My mom and D were missed of course but they had to work. Suckers.  I had a great afternoon with three of my favourite people though and even had a little nap on the bus ride home.  It was a perfect Monday if you ask me and of course, I took advantage of having a super cute subject to take some photos.  Love you guys!

While the three of us ate, Logan perused the menu

It was a good read
This is way better than fries
Time for Logan's lunch

Gosh he's cute
Getting bored with lunch

Smiling for mom

Baby feet!
Look at those baby blues

Love the shirt!

Best photo ever. <3

Hanging with Grandpa

The shoes fit! So cute :)


Valerie Griffin said...

awww he is so so cute!

thecoffeehouse said...

those menus can be pretty exciting! oh logan ... you are too cute!!

Page Twenty-Two said...

These pictures are SO cute!!

Emily Hope said...

did you buy him that onesie?